Woodmont Properties Selects Lewis Zlotnick as Executive Vice President, Daniel Miller as Chief Operating Officer

by Channing Hamilton

FAIRFIELD, N.J. — Lewis Zlotnick of Woodmont Properties will transition into the position of Executive Vice President of the company’s Florida division. Zlotnick will oversee Woodmont’s strategic expansion throughout Florida, where Woodmont has invested in about 4 million square feet of industrial development. He will continue to serve on the company’s Executive Leadership Committee, the Investment Committee and the independent Board of Advisors.

Additionally, Woodmont Properties has promoted Daniel Miller to the role of Chief Operating Officer, where he will assume the responsibilities of Zlotnick. Miller will oversee Woodmont’s strategy, implementation and operations. He will provide oversight to the construction, property management, marketing, information technology and human resources divisions. Miller will also retain his responsibilities as Chief Financial Officer.

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