Atlanta BeltLine, Invest Atlanta Approve $172 Million Budget for Affordable Housing Development, Trail Construction

by Channing Hamilton

ATLANTA — The board of directors of Atlanta BeltLine Inc. and Invest Atlanta have approved the Atlanta BeltLine budget for the 2025 fiscal year. The budget totals $172 million, a 12 percent increase over the 2024 budget. The funding will be directed toward a goal set in 2005 to develop 5,600 units of affordable housing in Atlanta by 2030. 

The new funding will help The BeltLine to develop more affordable housing than originally set out by the 2005 BeltLine Redevelopment Plan, which is notable since development costs have risen significantly over the past 19 years. There are currently 488 affordable housing units in the pipeline to deliver this year, and another 626 units slated to complete in 2025.

Atlanta BeltLine Inc. and Invest Atlanta also plan to use the funds to purchase land for the completion of trail construction on the planned 22-mile corridor by the end of 2030. The land would primarily be used for the Northwest Trail, which broke ground today. By June 2026, 17.5 miles of the mainline trail are expected to be complete.

Funding sources for the Atlanta BeltLine budget include: $69 million from the tax-allocation district; $49 million from donations; $32 million from the BeltLine special service district; and $20 million from federal grants.

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