A build-to-rent development site by LyvWell Communities in Tampa, Florida

LyvWell Communities Develops Wellness-Centered Townhomes in Tampa’s Deer Valley

by Channing Hamilton

TAMPA, FLA. — LyvWell Communities announces its latest build-to-rent development in Tampa: 115 new townhomes in the Westchase district. Land development is currently underway, with move-in dates available as early as summer 2024.

LyvWell Communities caters to the health-conscious preferences of residents, developing properties with amenities such as pools, dog parks, outdoor fitness areas, zen zones, community pavilions, and community gardens. From fenced yards and garages to versatile living spaces equipped with air and water filtration systems, blackout shades for restful sleep, and circadian lighting, LyvWell Communities offers a comprehensive approach to well-being.

According to Mike Bednarski, CEO of LyvWell Communities, “LyvWell Communities is driven by a mission that transcends traditional real estate. Our vision is to provide not just homes, but living experiences that emphasize wellness, community, and self-preservation.”

Community is a central pillar of the LyvWell Communities mission, and property managers host a wide variety of events and activities for their members such as group fitness classes, community barbecues, healthy cooking classes, and more.

LyvWell Communities’ development team has extensive experience in residential and multifamily development, investment and management and covers the southeastern U.S. and Texas with their housing offerings.

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