Common area in Fremont Station in Flagstaff, Ariz

— By Chad Martin, owner of Weave — When you hear the phrase “property branding,” chances are your mind instantly thinks of logos, color schemes, website layouts — maybe some fun pieces of swag in the leasing office. But nothing more consequential, right? Wrong. While these are all important elements to a property’s brand, they are just a small part of the overall experience that makes a property feel like home. Creating a place that feels like home ensures efficiency, consistency and even tenant retention — all music to a …

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Lexington at Dilworth in Charlotte, N.C.

COVID-19 has forced architects to deliver apartment features that are hyper-customized to regional trends and renter demographics.   — By Ryan Carver, SGA|NarmourWright Design — As strange as it may seem, the enduring COVID-19 pandemic is creating an opportunity for innovation in the multifamily industry. These days, my colleagues and I at the architectural design and planning firm of SGA|NarmourWright are sharpening our pencils, fine-tuning the services we deliver during this pandemic era and beyond.  Our clients need the right product for the right target demographic. We study trends by talking …

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— By Stephen Baker of Zego — Paying rent on the first of the month has been the gold standard in the multifamily real estate industry for decades. The origins are a bit murky, but the practice likely stems from the landlord’s desire to simplify operations. Property owners use rent payments for expenses such as unit repairs, cleaning and maintenance. Collecting funds at the start of the month streamlines business operations. But this system presents a significant challenge in the “gig” economy. According to Pew Research Center, 16 percent of …

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